Marian Reviews Stuff – Say You’ll Love Me Again by Kiki Archer

Say You'll Love Me AgainSay You’ll Love Me Again by Kiki Archer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first book I’ve read by Kiki Archer (how is that even possible?) and it sure was a roller-coaster ride. Between the neurotic Sophie and her honestly-kind-of-homophobic friend/”life coach” Laura, I was seriously skeptical at first. But the dialogue was like watching a fun ping-pong tournament and the situations were pretty hilarious, so I kept going.

And then the twist came, and I was blown out of the water.

If I’d read any of Kiki Archer’s work before, I might’ve been expecting a sudden revelation to explain why a character was acting so over-the-top weird. Since I hadn’t, though, I spent the first part of the book thinking that “the girl who broke my heart” was the only sympathetic one. The twist shone a new light on all of that, one that so changed my opinion of the characters that I want to go read it again.

The only part I didn’t like was that I felt the “will they or won’t they” tug-of-war went on just a bit too long. Probably other readers enjoy the “Aughhhh, NO!” feeling when things go terribly wrong at the last minute, but I didn’t. Thankfully we got our Happily Ever After, which I absolutely require in any lesbian romances I read.

All in all, Say You’ll Love Me Again was a great book that made me revise my early opinion of it in a big way. I’ll definitely be seeking out more of Kiki Archer’s past work!

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Stay With Me is out now!

Stay With Me cover
I’m really proud of this book, considering that it got its start so long ago and we were in SUCH a different place back then. The idea that I’d be able to write romances for a living was a dream, one I thought was laughable at best. I was stuck in a job I hated, STILL trying to make full time after temping for years as they strung me along. I couldn’t even imagine a future where I’d be lucky enough to do this for my job.
So thank you all for that. It’s the people who read my books and cheer me on who make this possible.
I hope you love Stay With Me 🙂 Here’s the summary!
All Lynn Evans wanted was a romantic weekend with her girlfriend. After months of trying to save a crumbling relationship, they’ve reserved a room at the sweetest little inn on the Maine coast in the hopes of rekindling their love. But when everything goes wrong and Lynn’s girlfriend doesn’t show, she can’t imagine a worse start to her vacation.
Dana Crane’s weekend isn’t going any better. Her inn was in a load of trouble even before a dangerous storm rolled in, but the nor’easter doesn’t just bring wind and rain: it brings a beautiful traveler who’s still reeling from being stood up. There’s an immediate, undeniable spark between them, but Dana doesn’t do relationships…and Lynn already has a girlfriend.
Something special grows between the two women on this weekend, though, and soon Lynn finds herself visiting Dana’s inn more and more. Dana is warm, funny, and surprisingly romantic…but she also has a secret that could destroy their budding romance.
This heartfelt, passionate romance by wife-and-wife team Marian Snowe and Ruby Grandin tells a story of love, longing, perseverance, and how finding your soulmate can help you stay true to yourself.

STAY WITH ME – Coming Soon!

It’s been a while since I posted an update on writing, but I’m nearing the end of a novel! I’m extra excited about this one because it’s another book my wife Ruby and I are writing together! We’re in the editing stages now so our hope is that Stay With Me will be finished by the end of June 🙂

This book has been a LONG time in the making. To give you a reference point, when we started writing it, gay marriage wasn’t legal in Maine yet (it’s set in Maine).

The inspiration for the story was a weekend Ruby and I spent at a bed and breakfast on the coast during a humongous spring storm. The entire town flooded, including the attached basement tavern, and we spent the weekend holed up in a gorgeous room (they upgraded us because so few guests showed up) or running around having adventures in the torrential rain.

Like that vacation, Stay With Me begins with a storm and an inn on the Maine coast. Lynn hopes that a romantic weekend getaway with her girlfriend will save their rocky relationship, but when her girlfriend is a no-show, it seems like things can’t get worse. Dana owns the inn and with mistakes from her past coming back to haunt her, her life isn’t in the greatest shape to begin with. Then the storm happens, and she and Lynn form an instant bond that weekend. They both recognize how happy they could be together, but their lives are both a mess of roller coasters…so how could things possibly fall into place?

This novel has a lot of history with us, and I can’t wait to share it with you. It’s so full of longing and ups and downs and triumphs. We’ll be working on a cover soon and I’ll be making some teaser images!

I Heart Lesfic’s mega lesfic spring sale

Hi everybody! I’m delighted to be taking part in I Heart Lesfic‘s mega lesfic sale, which is running right now! It’ll be on until Friday (May 31) and offers over 200 discounted lesbian books.

A bunch of my books, the ones I wrote with my wife, and my wife’s stories are included in the sale. Our full-length novels are all $1.99 and we’ve also got a novella for $0.99 and a short story for free! Everything’s still available on Kindle Unlimited, of course.

Here are links to all of our discounted works:

I Heart Lesfic’s sales always have tons and tons of great deals on high-quality lesbian fiction, so head over! I know you’ll find something you like 🙂

Guarding Her Heart is here!

My newest novel, Guarding Her Heart, has been released!

Guarding Her Heart on Amazon

Guarding Her Heart on Amazon UK

Guarding Her Heart final

Ash Harker is skilled at her job as a professional bodyguard. She’s former military, but she also has a secret romantic streak a mile wide. She’s just always known that true love is for other people—people with fewer scars than she has.

Serena Davenport has clawed her way to the top of the business world, and with a successful company to run, she has no time for love. But when Serena finds herself the target of a stalker and needs someone to keep her safe, the bodyguard who shows up at her door looks startlingly familiar…

One terrible date a few weeks ago was something both Ash and Serena swore to put behind them. But now, unexpectedly, they’re forced back into each other’s lives. The date may have been a disaster, but the scorching hot attraction between them is undeniable.

With a murderous criminal on their trail, they can’t afford any distractions—and what’s more distracting than love?

Marian Reviews Stuff: Pretend Girlfriend by Lily Craig

Pretend GirlfriendPretend Girlfriend by Lily Craig

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really, really enjoyed this book. Each chapter switched between the two main characters, and I thought that was very effective. It took me a while to warm up to Celeste, but the layers of her personality were revealed over the course of the first several chapters and that helped me understand her better. She and Lane were both well-rounded and I soon found it easy to sympathize with them.

The Mediterranean setting was beautiful and evocative, and I enjoyed the way scenes hopped between ports as the yacht visited them. I was also very much caught up in the complex push and pull of Celeste and Lane’s relationship. There’s an event near the end that I found pretty sudden (I’m trying to be vague to avoid spoilers), and it pulled me out of the story a little. I was looking forward to finding out how Celeste and Lane were going to navigate the the challenges they were facing with each other, and that event kind of gave them an easy way out.

Still, I really got caught up in the characters and their journey, and I was ultimately happy with how everything turned out. It was a great read!

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