New Release: Maya and the Queen

I’m super happy to announce that my new lesbian romance, Maya and the Queen, is now available on Amazon! It’s $4.99 or FREE to read on Kindle Unlimited!

Click here to find it on Amazon.

I always feel strongly about my books, but you know how we authors are–we’re super critical of ourselves even when we’re ready to put a story out into the world. I’m really PROUD of this book, though. Especially since it’s a “pandemic book” (written during it, definitely not about it) because we’ve all come up against how hard it is to get ANY work done right now, no matter what you’re doing. Anyway, here’s the description, and I’m so happy to put this out there! I hope you love it!

Two women. Two worlds apart.

Maya Scanlon doesn’t want a fling. The former EMT’s attempts at finding true love have been a self-esteem kick in the teeth, so it figures that the one person she hits it off with is looking for the opposite of “forever.”

Sophie Kent is charming and gorgeous, but she’s got a secret: she’s actually the princess of a tiny European kingdom, come to America for one last hurrah before she has to take the throne. The best she can promise is a few weeks, and that’s not what Maya’s heart is after. But they have too much chemistry to just walk away.

With desire mounting and queenhood looming, can they keep their promise to just be friends? In a situation that defines “It’s complicated,” will common sense prevail or will they tumble into love heartfirst?

Maya and the Queen is a sweet, funny lesbian romance with regrettable dates, Ferris wheel kisses, and a royal happily ever after.

My holiday short story, “Mission: Girlfriend,” has been released!

Happy December, everyone! I just published a holiday short story, “Mission: Girlfriend,” that’s available on Amazon for just $0.99, or for free on Kindle Unlimited like all my books are.

“Mission: Girlfriend” on Amazon

Three feet of snow. Two single women. One meddling family. Is it a recipe for love or disaster?

Jas Arsenault won’t let a bad breakup ruin her Christmas. Her heart aches for someone to spend the holiday with, but time with her family will have to be enough. But they’ve made it their mission to find her a girlfriend, and they won’t stop until she has one…no matter how much she protests.

Chloe Simmons has always been alone, and this year will be no different. Snowbound at a ski resort with total strangers must be better than spending the holiday by herself, right? When she and Jas meet unexpectedly in the resort’s only working hot tub, both women are shocked by the intensity of their connection. Could this be exactly what they need?

Too bad Jas’s family has other ideas…

“Mission: Girlfriend” is a lighthearted, romantic holiday short story by best-selling author Marian Snowe.

New Release: Steal My Heart

Hi everyone! My latest novel, Steal My Heart, has just been released! It’s available on Amazon for $4.99 and can be read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

Irene Lydia has just met the bane of her existence.

As a new CEO, Irene has a lot of things on her mind, and love isn’t one of them. Taking over her late parents’ company has been hard enough; now some uppity consultant has swanned in and is driving Irene crazy—in every sense of the phrase.

Liana Page is smug, condescending, and maddeningly gorgeous. She and Irene form an instant rivalry where every conversation is a battle for the upper hand…and it’s starting to look dangerously like seduction. Something suspicious is going on within Irene’s company, though. Irene refuses to turn a blind eye, especially once she finds out that Liana is involved.

Can Irene and Liana get to the bottom of it without ripping off each other’s heads—or clothes?

Best-selling lesbian romance author Marian Snowe brings you flirty sparring, loads of tension, corporate intrigue, and apple pie fantasies in this enemies-to-lovers romance. There is no cheating and a guaranteed Happily Ever After.

Steal My Heart on Amazon

Due to, you know, EVERYTHING going on in the world, this book was particularly tricky to write. Irene and Liana are pretty dear to me. I really hope you enjoy it!

New Release: One More Night

Hi everyone! My new novel One More Night is here! I had SO MUCH FUN writing flirty banter in this one. I hope you like it! As always, it’s available to read for free on Kindle Unlimited. Since things are so crazy in the world right now, I priced it as $4.99 rather than my usual $7.99 for the ebook. The print version is available as well!

Get One More Night on Amazon

One More Night cover

How many one-night stands does it take before a fling turns into a real relationship?

Hazel Greco’s chocolate shop is finding its feet and she’s on the road to success. While traveling for business, she meets Audrey Vaughn, a gorgeous and charismatic TV personality. Audrey sweeps her off her feet for a night of passion and romance, no strings attached. The two women part, assuming they’ll never cross paths again.

They’re proven wrong when Audrey’s TV show wants to feature Hazel in an episode. The chemistry between them picks up right where it left off, and it becomes clear that Audrey wants Hazel for a starring role in the bedroom too. One more night of fun is more than Hazel ever expected to get, so why not dive right in? After all, chances are slim that fate will throw them together yet again.

When Audrey shows up at her door a year later, Hazel isn’t sure whether fate is working for her or against her. Audrey still is still captivating, but things have changed. Hazel has a girlfriend now… One who is acting strangely possessive.

No matter how good they could be together, Audrey and Hazel just can’t make it work. They say lightning never strikes twice, but what if the third time really is the charm?

Best-selling lesbian romance author Marian Snowe brings you a romantic comedy full of heart, gourmet chocolate, flirty banter, tough-love shop assistants, and dramatic races to the airport. There is no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.


Peppermint Kiss: a holiday novella!

Yesterday was the official release of my newest story, a Christmas novella called Peppermint Kiss! I’ve never written a holiday-themed story before, and I really enjoyed it 🙂 It got me feeling excited about Christmas in a way that I’ve never felt before! Usually I’m on the positive side of neutral when it comes to preparing for Christmas, but writing this story made me really look forward to December, to decorating and ice skating and hot chocolate and warm mittens.

Peppermint Kiss is, at its heart, a story of second chances. Along the way, you’ll find kittens, ridiculous Christmas headbands, trying really hard to do what’s right, and almost getting killed a by falling spruce tree. Head down below the link and cover for the book’s blurb 🙂

Peppermint Kiss on Amazon

PK cover final

Doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance?

Poinsettia Collins hates Christmas. Tia’s lived with that awful name for her whole life, so it was just her luck that her college girlfriend would cheat on her on Christmas Eve. Twenty years later, when Tia unexpectedly inherits a distant relative’s Christmas tree farm, she thinks fate couldn’t be laughing any harder…

Then the woman who broke her heart shows up on the farm’s doorstep with a half-frozen kitten and nowhere to go for the holidays.

Meg Bartlett’s world fell apart when her girlfriend wrongfully accused her of being unfaithful. When she comes home for Christmas after a long time away, Tia is the last person she expects to see, but maybe now she’ll get the chance to set the record straight. That is, if Tia will finally believe her. And if Tia does…how can she possibly ever win Meg back?

Best-selling author Marian Snowe brings you this sweet Christmas novella of second chances and holiday warmth.

Finding Her is here!

Finding Her, my newest novel, is out now! I love this one so much. It’s got suspense, passion, a ton of tension, and one of the most sweeping romances I’ve ever written. I hope you love it too.

Get Finding Her on Amazon or read for free on Kindle Unlimited!

Can a mysterious beauty and her stoic heroine escape their pasts for love?

Nan Kellers is running away from herself. She made a lot of bad decisions, and her most recent one was renting a sailboat with a storm on the horizon. On the brink of death, Nan gets rescued by a strong, gorgeous woman. Maybe her luck is finally starting to change?

Cass Finnegan lives in a lighthouse with her young daughter Annalee, just trying to get by as a single mother while dodging the judgments of her neighbors. One day, a beautiful woman washes up on the beach. Annalee thinks she’s a mermaid, but Cass wonders if there isn’t something even more special about her.

An immediate, red-hot passion ignites between Nan and Cass, in spite of the secrets both of them are fighting to keep hidden. But for two scarred women, can love ever win? Neither of them can hide from their pasts for long. When it all comes crashing down, Annalee is caught in the middle…and the result is far more dangerous than any of them feared.

Finding Her is part of the Cape Summer Romances, a collection of stand-alone romances that take place in the same town.

Finding Her: My upcoming novel set in a Maine lighthouse

I’m hard at work on my next novel, Finding Her, which is a romance about a lighthouse keeper and the mysterious woman who washes up on the beach at the foot of her lighthouse. All of my books are set in fictional places based heavily on the places I love, but this one is particularly special! Take a look at the pictures and you’ll see why 🙂

IOS view

This past summer, I spent a glorious week on an island off the coast of Maine. Northern New England has always been hugely inspirational for me (which is why many of my books are set there) but the Isle of Springs near Booth Bay has a special place in my heart. It was a big part of my wife Rachel’s (Ruby Grandin’s) childhood and my first visit to the island years ago was my first time on vacation with her family.

We always stay at “the cottage,” which is actually a century-old four-story house that was built by Rachel’s aunt’s family and added on to over the years. There’s no soundproofing or insulation, you can see light in other rooms through the wall boards, the stairs are steep as hell, and everywhere are reminders of the many generations who cherished it. It’s one of my favorite places on earth.

Two sides are surrounded by a big porch that shows off a glorious view, as you can see in the photos.

IOS mist

I’m hoping Finding Her will capture this mysterious yet comforting and homelike atmosphere. It’s centered in Cape Summer, the same town where our novel Stay With Me is set, at an isolated lighthouse at the tip of the cape.

Cass lives there with her young daughter, Annalee, just trying to get by without her wife and dodging judgments that she’s raising Annalee to be an outcast. But one day, a beautiful woman washes up on the beach at the foot of the lighthouse. Annalee thinks she’s a mermaid, but Cass wonders if there isn’t something more familiar about her.

Nan is running away from herself. She made a lot of stupid decisions in the past, and her last one was renting a sailboat in Cape Summer with practically no sailing experience and a storm on the horizon. But she gets rescued by a strong, gorgeous woman, so it can’t be all bad, right?

Neither of them are very forthcoming women. They both have secrets they’re not willing to share. But they can’t ignore the feelings growing between them–the chemistry and the instinctive trust and the desire to feel more, physically and emotionally. When the crap finally hits the fan, though, Annalee is caught in the middle and it’s a lot more dangerous than either of them feared.

R blueberry

The other picture is one of Rachel walking down one of the many little paths on a hillside covered in blueberry bushes. (Isn’t she beautiful? ^_^) I’ve already written a scene in the novel that takes place on a hillside like this.

Finding Her will come out in October! I can’t wait to share this place with you in fiction as well as pictures 🙂

Hereafter is on sale!

Hi everyone! It’s officially fall!

Fall is my favorite month, and it includes my two favorite holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving. In celebration, my novel Hereafter is on sale for $1.99! It’s also still available on Kindle Unlimited, of course 🙂 Hereafter is a lesbian detective romance with a ghostly twist. It takes place in New England in the fall, and there are fewer places more perfect for Halloween than Boston’s Mount Auburn Cemetery, where many of the scenes are set.

Hereafter is one of my most action-packed, suspenseful novels, and it’s perfect for this time of year. I’ve also had tons of people tell me it’s their favorite of mine 🙂 I hope it’ll get you in the autumn mood!

Buy Hereafter for $1.99!

Beautiful woman among dark tree roots looks into camera . Mother earth embrace


Marian Reviews Stuff – Say You’ll Love Me Again by Kiki Archer

Say You'll Love Me AgainSay You’ll Love Me Again by Kiki Archer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first book I’ve read by Kiki Archer (how is that even possible?) and it sure was a roller-coaster ride. Between the neurotic Sophie and her honestly-kind-of-homophobic friend/”life coach” Laura, I was seriously skeptical at first. But the dialogue was like watching a fun ping-pong tournament and the situations were pretty hilarious, so I kept going.

And then the twist came, and I was blown out of the water.

If I’d read any of Kiki Archer’s work before, I might’ve been expecting a sudden revelation to explain why a character was acting so over-the-top weird. Since I hadn’t, though, I spent the first part of the book thinking that “the girl who broke my heart” was the only sympathetic one. The twist shone a new light on all of that, one that so changed my opinion of the characters that I want to go read it again.

The only part I didn’t like was that I felt the “will they or won’t they” tug-of-war went on just a bit too long. Probably other readers enjoy the “Aughhhh, NO!” feeling when things go terribly wrong at the last minute, but I didn’t. Thankfully we got our Happily Ever After, which I absolutely require in any lesbian romances I read.

All in all, Say You’ll Love Me Again was a great book that made me revise my early opinion of it in a big way. I’ll definitely be seeking out more of Kiki Archer’s past work!

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