The Actress is here!


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It’s here! My brand new novel, The Actress, is now available on Amazon!

Click here to get The Actress, or read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Actress Cover print high

I’m so proud of this novel. It’s fun, dramatic, sexy, and the emotional journey that Tabby and Moira take is very powerful for me. The Actress is about letting others into your heart, about making sacrifices, about what you shouldn’t have to sacrifice, about loving people the way they are–yourself included.

I’m utterly thrilled to share this book with you, and I hope you love it!

Here’s the official summary:

Tabby Gilbert won’t let love get in the way of becoming a star.

As a hopeful young actress, Tabby’s given the chance of a lifetime: a role in a television series that could make her a star. Tabby is determined to let nothing stop her rise toward fame, but she never could have predicted Moira Knox.

Moira, a critically acclaimed actress, sizzles in her roles on-screen, but off camera, she’s cold and so private that no one knows a thing about her life. She and Tabby clash immediately, and Tabby thinks things can’t get much worse…until Tabby is cast as Moira’s love interest.

The two actresses struggle to understand one another as they act out a passionate romance on-screen. Slowly, Tabby begins to glimpse the real Moira Knox, and the chemistry they try so hard to ignore threatens to set them afire. Torn between her career and her feelings for Moira, Tabby is poised for greatness…or a disastrous fall. Can love in the spotlight survive?


Teasers for THE ACTRESS


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Well, I failed a little at posting a teaser for The Actress every day on my blog, but I did post them each day on my Facebook page–so if you use FB, I’d love to be friends with you there!

The Actress should be finished today, and in the meanwhile, here are the rest of the teasers. I hope you enjoy them, and I can’t wait to share The Actress with you!

Teaser 2

Teaser 3

Teaser 4

Teaser 5

Teaser 6

Teaser 7

The Actress teaser #1


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Reached a big writing milestone today! My newest novel, The Actress, will tentatively be released next Tuesday, October 24!

This book has been such a delight to write, you guys. I love watching people act on screen, so getting to describe exactly what I love watching was so fun and satisfying! Tabby and Moira’s story is full of ups and downs, and there’s a lot going on beneath the surface for both of them: worries about the future, struggling to trust, clashing personalities, and more. But two actresses should know when to be honest and when to put forward an act, right?

HA, I say XD Wouldn’t it be easy if that were how it worked?

I’m so excited about this that I’m planning to share teaser graphics with quotes from the story every day until it’s released 😀 Here’s the first one!

Teaser 1

Sneak Peek of THE ACTRESS


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You guuuyyyyyys I’m IN LOVE with the novel I’m writing right now.

It’s called The Actress and it’s about Tabby, an aspiring star, and Moira, the enigmatic actress Tabby competes against for the lead role in a television series. Moira snubs Tabby the moment they meet, and when Tabby gets cast opposite Moira instead of getting the part she wants, it’s bad enough…but then she reads the script and sees that her character is secretly in love with Moira’s.

Moira is a consummate actress and sizzles with allure when the camera is on her, but off screen, she’s cold and snobbish and impossible to read. And since Tabby is a bubbly, friendly extrovert, she’s sure they’ll never understand each other. But slowly, Tabby starts to see that there might be something behind Moira’s hard exterior…and she might just be falling for the REAL Moira.

Here’s a sneak peek of one of the first times Tabby gets a glimpse of Moira’s true self 

Camera lights flashed in my eyes as I turned onto the carpet and I had no trouble pasting on a dazzling smile. This was my first red carpet. This was it, my moment. The first of many, I hoped.

And then something unbelievable happened. Moira took my arm.

She slid her hand beneath my elbow and hooked her arm through mine, and through the lace sleeve of her dress I could feel her warm skin. I looked up at her face in surprise, and time seemed to slow.

Moira smiled at me, with narrowed eyes and rounded cheeks and a secret light in the dark brown depths of her eyes. My heart resounded in my chest with a boom that shook every vein. It was real, that look. Unmistakably genuine. I hadn’t known Moira for very long, but something instinctual, something deep and pure in the marrow of my bones told me that I knew when she was acting and when she wasn’t.

And right now, as she shared this immensely private smile with me that made me feel like I was the only one in the world even though we were surrounded by people…

She wasn’t acting.

This was the real Moira, and she was gazing at me like no one else could understand her the way I did.

The red carpet might as well have been made of sunrise-blushed clouds as we walked down it together, arm-in-arm.

PRAIRIE HEART audiobook!


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My novel Prairie Heart is now available as an audiobook!

The narrator is Tessa Stavers (also known as Aven Shore) and she is phenomenal.  Her work is professional, crisp, and such a perfect balance between acting and narration. She really brings Eleanor and Morgan to life (not to mention all the other characters!) I fell in love with this story all over again when I listened to the audiobook. I know you’ll love it!

And you can listen to it for FREE with an Audible free trial! This is one of my most popular novels, and people asked for it to be made into an audiobook–and I couldn’t be happier!

beautiful young woman portrait with long hair in motion, studio shot

Here’s what Prairie Heart is about:

Eleanor Higgins has an incredible talent for matchmaking–for everyone but herself. Many of the couples in the tiny Colorado ranch town of Prairie Winds have Eleanor to thank for their happily ever after. But when her best friend, Morgan, asks for Eleanor’s help to set her up on a date…

Well, that’s where it gets complicated.

Morgan is funny and dashing, and she’s sexier in blue jeans and a cowboy hat than any ranch hand has a right to be. She also just came out. The thing is? Eleanor’s had a crush on Morgan since forever, and has spent her entire life convincing herself that Morgan was off limits. Now that Morgan’s told her she’s not exactly straight–and that Morgan needs her help to find the right lady–Eleanor’s heartbroken that this “right lady” is probably not her. Ever the great friend, she knows her own ex-girlfriend is absolutely perfect for Morgan…

A sexy camping trip, a tornado and an intense love triangle round out this heartwarming romance by best-selling author Marian Snowe!

Two Alone and The Nature of Love are here!


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YAHOO! Today is release day! Two Alone, my latest novella, is now available on Amazon along with a compilation of all of my novellas called The Nature of Love!

Writing Two Alone was IMMENSELY fun. It’s a funny, sexy story about what happens when you’re forced to reconsider what you THINK is good for you.

View Two Alone on Amazon—available to read for free on Kindle Unlimited!

Can one mistake ruin your chance at love forever?

Ivy Wilson has had enough of the spotlight to last her a lifetime. It was bad enough that someone stumbled on Ivy and her now ex-girlfriend fooling around in a not-so-private place, and worse still that they happened to be caught on video…but the video went viral, and Ivy’s ex was the one to help spread it around. If Ivy never sees another YouTube comment again, it’ll be too soon.

All Ivy wants is some privacy and some time to steady her nerves, but when she goes on a hike deep in the woods, a beautiful woman lands right at her feet…literally.

Sawyer Sherwood, expert adventurer and tree-climber extraordinaire, is too charming and too smoking hot for Ivy to ignore. They’re way out in the middle of nowhere, right? If Ivy’s going to have a passionate fling with the sexiest lady she’s ever met, this is the place to do it.

Ivy couldn’t be happier with the way they spend the day, but when she gets home that night, she turns on the television…and sees Sawyer’s face. Sawyer isn’t just an adventurer, she’s a famous vlogger with legions of fans. And the last thing Ivy needs is another thrill-seeker for a girlfriend.

Can Ivy conquer her fear of exposure and be with this captivating woman, or will Sawyer’s fame be too much for her to take?

The Nature of Love : Contains Two Alone, Rescue Me, and Love Birds. You can also read this for free with Kindle Unlimited!

If you haven’t read my other novellas, getting them in this compilation is a great deal! Also, this is the first time these three novellas will be available in print. The paperback version of The Nature of Love should arrive on Amazon in the next few days 🙂 Here’s what you’ll find in The Nature of Love:

Let yourself be swept away as you read this collection of three romantic novellas about women who fall in love as they explore the beauty of the earth. Best-selling author Marian Snowe takes you on a journey through forests and across the waves, telling the stories of courageous women who find love where they least expect it.

The Nature of Love includes these three novellas:

Two Alone: All Ivy Wilson wants is a little privacy after going through a distressing public humiliation. While on a hike deep in the woods, Ivy meets Sawyer, a gorgeous, tree-climbing adventurer…and Ivy can’t resist her allure. Being out in the wilderness means they’ll have plenty of privacy, but what will Ivy do when she finds out that dating Sawyer could drag her even farther into the spotlight?

Rescue Me: Elise Giordano wants an opportunity to impress Sasha, the charismatic leader of the marine animal rescue where Elise volunteers and the woman of Elise’s dreams. Elise never guessed that an entangled mother humpback whale and her calf would provide that opportunity, but when the two women rush to the rescue, a love as deep as the ocean begins to surface.

Love Birds: Alexandria Dunn’s quiet, boring life gets a splash of color when she discovers a love of birds and birdwatching. At her first birdwatching event, Alexandria meets Nell, a beautiful and enthusiastic tour guide. When a series of misfortunes result in Alexandria being the only participant, Nell shows her a romantic afternoon that changes both of their lives.

I’m so happy that these novellas are finally out in the world together! I really hope you love them ❤

Two Alone – Coming Soon!


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My newest novella, TWO ALONE, is coming soon! It’s a story about passionate attraction and letting yourself have fun regardless of what other people think. I had SO much fun writing this, you guys, and I hope you love it! It’s sexy, funny, and of course involves ladies kissing in the forest 🙂

Two Alone teaser



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It’s here, you guys! My newest novel, UNSUNG LOVE SONG, is available on Amazon right now!
I’m so proud of this story. Of all my books, it reminds me most of HEART OF GLASS, my first novel. I love writing stories where the heroines follow clues together that lead them to something they desperately want, and it turns into an emotional journey that’s even more significant than the mystery. I really hope you enjoy reading it, that you love Celia and Gem as much as I do, and that the story transports you to all the beautiful locations I imagined while writing it.
Here’s the summary:
Celia Orne has a dream, and she’s finally been given the opportunity to chase it.
A botanist by day, poet by night, Celia uproots herself and moves to Florida in order to search for a legendary plant she’s always hoped was real. With recent heartbreak and long-past tragedy dogging her steps, she hopes that this new life of adventure will give her a chance to find some closure.
She never planned on fate throwing Gem Raglan in her way.
Gem is alluring, carefree, and a shameless flirt. She also knows the beaches and islands of Florida like the back of her hand, and she’s more than happy to help Celia explore. What’s so bad about having a little fun with her, as long as it doesn’t distract Celia from her quest? But before Celia has a chance to step on the brakes, her feelings for Gem grow into something more than just “a little fun.” If Gem’s smoldering glances are any indication, she feels exactly the same way.
But soon, getting distracted from her search isn’t Celia’s only problem. The closer they get to finding the legendary plant, the clearer it becomes that Gem is hiding something. And Celia, torn between the woman who sets her heart free and the dream she’s chased all her life, must make a decision.
Will making one dream come true mean giving up on the other?

Unsung Love Song — Release Day is Tuesday!


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Hi everyone! I am SUPER excited to announce that my next novel, Unsung Love Song, will be released this Tuesday, June 13!

It’s about Celia, a botanist and poet who moves to Florida to search for a legendary plant. There she meets Gem, a woman who is all contradictions. Here’s a teaser. They’re talking about mycologists, who study mushrooms 🙂

“What’s that?” Gem asked. Her bright eyes were full of genuine interest when they met Celia’s, and their color reminded her of sundried dune grass.

“Someone who studies mushrooms.” Again, Celia’s concentration slipped away and she was only half aware of what she was saying. Gem’s closeness to her made her feel strung tight in the most strangely pleasant way, like she was a harp string that would let out a heavenly note of music if plucked. As for Gem, even though her entire attention was on Celia’s words, the look in her eyes matched Celia’s feeling that their conversation was merely a cover for what they were exchanging in their gazes.

“Mushrooms, huh?” Gem said dreamily. “Seems a shame when there are so much more beautiful things to study.” The connection between them sparked and broke for a moment when Gem lowered her eyes, but Celia felt it flare up again when Gem’s gaze caressed her down to her bare toes. Celia’s breath hitched and her cheeks burned with heat. Finally, the thought came through: I can’t believe this is happening.

But it was happening. She couldn’t have imagined a more magical first day in Florida if she’d written it into a poem herself.

“Some mushrooms are very beautiful,” Celia murmured. Her eyes never left Gem’s. “If you stop to look closely at them.”

Gem didn’t reply, but the smile on her lips was confident and the look in her eyes was knowing. She combed her fingers through her hair, pushing it back from her face in a way that made Celia certain she’d gotten it out of the way for a reason. Celia’s heart jumped and cartwheeled; from the way Gem’s eyes lingered on her mouth and the way her chin lifted as she angled closer, it was clear what Gem was about to do.

I really love this book, and I can’t wait to share it with you! Take a gander at this gorgeous cover that my editor, Bridget Essex of Rose and Star Press, made ❤


Writing and Acting


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As a writer, I spend a lot of time thinking about how people feel and express emotion. When I’m writing a novel, it’s my goal to describe emotion from the inside and outside: the way a character’s mind and physical body reacts to their feelings and the way they look outwardly so that others can perceive those feelings.

I was an actor for the briefest of moments: six years in middle school and high school. I have a tiny bit of experience when it comes to what it feels like to act out emotions, but I have a lot more experience writing them. I’ve (somewhat obsessively) studied how emotions are felt and how they’re portrayed. My favorite TV shows and movies are ones where I can get some new insight into how an actor conveys how they’re feeling and what they’re thinking.

Okay, so here’s the thing: sometimes I have these ephiphanies that are blindingly obvious to everyone else. And I think this is one of them XD

Being a writer, I carefully consider how to describe a character to convey what they’re feeling. If a character I’m writing is angry, how does she feel from the inside? Does tension rise up the back of her neck? Is there a blocked, hot feeling in her chest? A sense of helplessness? And how does she look from the outside? Are her fists clenched, or her jaw? Is she trembling? Are her eyes wide or narrowed?

I always assumed actors did the same thing. I imagined an actor thinking out how best to convey the feeling of her character, including body language and voice and expression down to the smallest twitch of a muscle. That’s what I would do. (That might mean I’d make a lousy actor XD)

So I just finished watching the third season of TURN: Washington’s Spies. If you like American history (and seriously, even if you don’t!) give this series a try–it’s freaking incredible. I love every damn minute of it. Jamie Bell plays the main character, and his spellbinding acting is what brought on this epiphany.

I’m trying to keep this as spoiler-free as possible, but there’s a part in the first season when his character is in a very traumatic situation, the kind that forever changes how he sees himself. As I’m watching, I’m captivated and stunned: it looks like Jamie Bell is literally hyperventilating.

And then I realized that he probably is. And maybe that’s how some actors do it. Instead of saying to themselves “How should I look in order to portray how I’m feeling?” they just feel it, and the portrayal is perfect. This blew my mind.

I mean, it’s not like I’ve never heard of method acting. It’s not like I haven’t listened to hours of actor commentaries on my favorite movies. I know that some actors feel their characters’ emotions acutely. But somehow it never hit me that I was making that assumption about how they approached acting, and that my assumption was linked to being a writer.

In other words, I learn something new that helps my writing every day… And go watch TURN XD