The Makeover Challenge has been getting some really great reviews! I’m super happy, because it’s one of my all-time favorite novels I’ve written ❤ If you’ve read it, would you consider leaving an honest review on Amazon (linked above)? It doesn’t have to be long or anything. All reviews support authors and help us reach our audiences!

I’m hard at work on my next book, which is tentatively titled Saving Serena. It’s going to be action-packed 🙂 I’ve written a couple of mystery-themed romances before, specifically my paranormal romance Hereafter and my very first novel, Heart of Glasswhich reached the #1 spot on Amazon’s Best Sellers in Lesbian Romance. I’m super excited about adding another to my list!

Winters tend to be kind of hard for me, so I’m working on learning to love the snow and coziness that we can find when the earth starts to hibernate. I hope you’ll all have a peaceful, love-filled holiday season ❤


I Heart Lesfic’s 2nd Mega Lesfic Sale!

Hi everyone! I’m super excited to be part of this week’s Mega Lesfic Sale, put together by I Heart Lesfic and T.B. Markinson! Some of my and my wife Ruby’s books are HUGELY discounted, and so are more than 100 other lesbian fiction books! The sale runs from September 10 until September 14 (Friday) so get ’em while they’re hot! (Bahaha, hot! See what I did *booed offstage*)

These are the books Ruby and I have participating in the sale and their new temporary prices. They’re still for free on Kindle Unlimited as well! 🙂

By me:



By Ruby and me:


By Ruby:



New lesbian romance audiobooks!

Hi everyone! Audiobook production of my novels has really started to pick up over the last couple of months. So far, every single one of my novels has been made into an audiobook, with the most recent (The Secret Admirer, written with my wife Ruby Grandin) currently in the works!

I’m consistently blown away by how beautifully the narrators bring my stories to life. I can be pretty hard on myself (aren’t we all?) and hearing my own writing read aloud in such heartfelt ways… It makes me really proud of my work. Listening to a book is a whole new experience, because the emotion and nuances of tone are right there for you to hear. The actresses who perform my audiobooks are incredibly talented, and they’ve made my characters even more relatable than I wrote them (not to mention sexy, omg).

Give them a listen! I know you’ll be glad you did ❤

The Actress

Actress Audiobook Cover

The Mountain Between Us


Someone Like You

A young woman is standing at the end of a pier by the ocean

Prairie Heart

beautiful young woman portrait with long hair in motion, studio shot

Unsung Love Song



Beautiful woman among dark tree roots looks into camera . Mother earth embrace

The Nature of Love

The Nature of Love audiobook

Heart of Glass



HEREAFTER is available today!

I am utterly elated to share with you that my second novel, HEREAFTER, is now available on Amazon and for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Click here to buy HEREAFTER on Amazon or read on Kindle Unlimited!

This book means the world to me. I poured so much emotion into it–it’s an intense, poignant love story that transforms both women forever. Writing it was an incredible experience for me and I learned so much about crafting stories. I’m so proud of this novel and I hope from the bottom of my heart that you love it.

Here’s the summary:

Detective Samantha Easton has always thought of herself as an adaptable person. But when she nearly dies after being shot on the job, Sam discovers something totally at odds with her rational, analytical personality: she can now see the spirits of people who have died, and she’s not finding it easy to adapt.

As if the sudden appearance of ghosts on the streets of Boston and her dead great-grandmother’s curious questions about her love life aren’t enough, Sam is being haunted by a mystery woman. This beautiful ghost, Mae, has no memories and is unable to move on from this life to whatever comes next—and she wants Sam to solve the mystery of her death.

Sam readily accepts the case, happy to get back to doing what she does best. There’s only one problem: falling in love with Mae wasn’t part of Sam’s plan.

As the two women unravel Mae’s secrets, they fall deeper in love with one another… But how can a ghost and a living person live happily ever after?

Cover reveal! ~ HEREAFTER ~

My wonderful publishers have created a gorgeous cover for my upcoming novel, HEREAFTER. I’m so excited to share with you that HEREAFTER’s release date is July 26th – less than a week away!

HEREAFTER is the story of Detective Samantha Easton. Sam’s always prided herself on being adaptable, but after she’s shot and nearly killed on the job, something happens that turns her rational, logic-based worldview upside-down: she starts seeing the spirits of dead people.

As if ghosts wandering the streets of Boston and her dead great-grandmother prying into her love life isn’t enough, Sam is being haunted by a mystery woman. Mae, a beautiful ghost, has no memories and is unable to cross over to whatever waits beyond this mortal coil. She asks Sam to solve the mystery of her death in the hopes that it will bring to light why her spirit is still here. Sam’s happy to take on this challenge – detective work is at least more familiar than interacting with ghosts – but she didn’t plan on falling in love with Mae.

As the two women investigate Mae’s death and work to unearth her secrets, they fall deeper in love with each other. But how can a romance between a living person and a ghost ever turn out happily?

I’m so proud of this novel and I just can’t wait to share it with you! ❤