New lesbian romance audiobooks!

Hi everyone! Audiobook production of my novels has really started to pick up over the last couple of months. So far, every single one of my novels has been made into an audiobook, with the most recent (The Secret Admirer, written with my wife Ruby Grandin) currently in the works!

I’m consistently blown away by how beautifully the narrators bring my stories to life. I can be pretty hard on myself (aren’t we all?) and hearing my own writing read aloud in such heartfelt ways… It makes me really proud of my work. Listening to a book is a whole new experience, because the emotion and nuances of tone are right there for you to hear. The actresses who perform my audiobooks are incredibly talented, and they’ve made my characters even more relatable than I wrote them (not to mention sexy, omg).

Give them a listen! I know you’ll be glad you did ❤

The Actress

Actress Audiobook Cover

The Mountain Between Us


Someone Like You

A young woman is standing at the end of a pier by the ocean

Prairie Heart

beautiful young woman portrait with long hair in motion, studio shot

Unsung Love Song



Beautiful woman among dark tree roots looks into camera . Mother earth embrace

The Nature of Love

The Nature of Love audiobook

Heart of Glass




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