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Hi everyone! I am SUPER excited to announce that my next novel, Unsung Love Song, will be released this Tuesday, June 13!

It’s about Celia, a botanist and poet who moves to Florida to search for a legendary plant. There she meets Gem, a woman who is all contradictions. Here’s a teaser. They’re talking about mycologists, who study mushrooms 🙂

“What’s that?” Gem asked. Her bright eyes were full of genuine interest when they met Celia’s, and their color reminded her of sundried dune grass.

“Someone who studies mushrooms.” Again, Celia’s concentration slipped away and she was only half aware of what she was saying. Gem’s closeness to her made her feel strung tight in the most strangely pleasant way, like she was a harp string that would let out a heavenly note of music if plucked. As for Gem, even though her entire attention was on Celia’s words, the look in her eyes matched Celia’s feeling that their conversation was merely a cover for what they were exchanging in their gazes.

“Mushrooms, huh?” Gem said dreamily. “Seems a shame when there are so much more beautiful things to study.” The connection between them sparked and broke for a moment when Gem lowered her eyes, but Celia felt it flare up again when Gem’s gaze caressed her down to her bare toes. Celia’s breath hitched and her cheeks burned with heat. Finally, the thought came through: I can’t believe this is happening.

But it was happening. She couldn’t have imagined a more magical first day in Florida if she’d written it into a poem herself.

“Some mushrooms are very beautiful,” Celia murmured. Her eyes never left Gem’s. “If you stop to look closely at them.”

Gem didn’t reply, but the smile on her lips was confident and the look in her eyes was knowing. She combed her fingers through her hair, pushing it back from her face in a way that made Celia certain she’d gotten it out of the way for a reason. Celia’s heart jumped and cartwheeled; from the way Gem’s eyes lingered on her mouth and the way her chin lifted as she angled closer, it was clear what Gem was about to do.

I really love this book, and I can’t wait to share it with you! Take a gander at this gorgeous cover that my editor, Bridget Essex of Rose and Star Press, made ❤