Today’s the Day – PRAIRIE HEART!

Today, February 21st, is the official release day for my newest novel, PRAIRIE HEART! It should be available on Amazon (and Kindle Unlimited!) soon, and I’ll post again when it is. I’m so, so excited to share it with you. I’m really proud of this story. Here’s the summary:

Eleanor Higgins has an incredible talent for matchmaking—for everyone but herself. Many of the couples in the tiny Colorado ranch town of Prairie Winds have Eleanor to thank for their happily ever after. But when her best friend, Morgan, asks for Eleanor’s help to set her up on a date…

Well, that’s where it gets complicated.

Morgan is funny and dashing, and she’s sexier in blue jeans and a cowboy hat than any ranch hand has a right to be. She also just came out. The thing is? Eleanor’s had a crush on Morgan since forever, and has spent her entire life convincing herself that Morgan was off limits. Now that Morgan’s told her she’s not exactly straight—and that Morgan needs her help to find the right lady—Eleanor’s heartbroken that this “right lady” is probably not her. Ever the great friend, she knows her own ex-girlfriend is absolutely perfect for Morgan…

A sexy camping trip, a tornado and an intense love triangle round out this heartwarming romance by best-selling author Marian Snowe!

Feast your eyes on this cover, you guys. My publisher at Rose and Star Press, Bridget Essex, is a genius designer and has captured Morgan perfectly. I’m dying with love ❤

beautiful young woman portrait with long hair in motion, studio shot


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