HEART OF GLASS is coming October 30th!

I’m so, so excited to share with you that my novel, HEART OF GLASS, will be released this coming Friday, October 30th!

Here’s the description:

Clara Duncan is adrift.

She’s always been a loner, so she never suspected that her breakup with her first love would leave her this hopeless. Clara abandons her old life and moves to a quiet, coastal New England town, where she looks forward to days of aimless wandering, like a seagull on the wind. She’s convinced herself that this is good enough, until she finds an antique porcelain urn washed up on the beach–a discovery that leads her to a beautiful historian who literally falls into her lap.

The warm and enthusiastic Ginny is everything Clara could hope for, but their budding relationship is fraught with doubts. Clara is afraid of repeating the mistakes that led to her last breakup, afraid of losing herself in passion. And as if things weren’t complicated enough, the mysterious, charismatic Autumn has her eye on Clara–and some disturbing words of warning where Ginny is concerned.

Can Clara and Ginny be together while still staying true to themselves? And why does Clara feel that unraveling the mystery behind the urn will answer the questions her own heart is asking?

In case you missed the trailer I made for HEART OF GLASS, you can see it here:

HEART OF GLASS trailer on YouTube

I’m zinging with excitement 😀



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