The long grasses skirting the pond have started to dry out and smell like autumn, and (hopefully) the last heat wave of summer is upon my little New England town. As the seasons meld into each other, I have two exciting pieces of news!

Just three days ago, I finished a complete draft of my novel, formerly SHARDS OF THE SEA. I’ve written enough words over the past ten years to fill numerous books, but this is the first novel-length piece that’s been cohesive, developed, and solid. I’m in the editing phase now, which will take considerably less time than my draft phase (my working style is to make my first draft as organized and coherent as possible). Then, it’s off to my wonderful editors at Rose and Star Press.

I’m super excited about this novel, guys! I take it as a good sign when I squeal and kick my feet while reading my own draft XD I tend to be really harsh on myself, so that’s a doubly good thing!

My other exciting piece of news is that I was talking with my editors last night and we decided on a name change for SHARDS OF THE SEA. As much as love those words, I’ve always considered it a working title, and I had my doubts about it. It doesn’t really convey the core of the story: love. Sea glass and other treasures that wash up on the beach are wound throughout the plot, but that’s not, ultimately, what it’s about. It’s about overcoming fears, finding your place in the world, getting your heart broken and putting it back together again.

So, to better encompass that, SHARDS OF THE SEA is now HEART OF GLASS.

I can’t wait to share HEART OF GLASS with you! I hope you’ll all enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.