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Hello, friends! I’ve been working steadily on SHARDS OF THE SEA, and I’m super excited to tell you that I’m only three scenes away from being finished! And let me tell you, I am SO STOKED about writing these last scenes. One of them is going to be my very first sex scene o////o I’ve read soooo many, but I’ve never actually written one, so this’ll be an enlightening experience XD

I tend to spend a lot of time on first drafts, so the editing phase will be much quicker. I’m learning a lot about novel writing as I do this. I’ve written enough words in the past years to account for dozens, if not hundreds, of novels, but none of them have been this organized or this complete. In order to help myself in the future, I’ve started a list of the things I’ve learned during this experience. Look for a post on that coming soon!

It’s amazing how well I’ve gotten to know my characters through this journey, especially Clara, my protagonist. She’s grown so much over the course of the story (just like I hoped she would) and although she’s hung onto some of her early traits, she’s worked through other problems and has faced things that, while not earth-shakingly momentous, are certainly huge for her.

In the real world, Ruby and I have been making some fun changes as well! This spring, we decided to reorganize some of the rooms in our house. Our plan, which we managed to complete just a week or two ago, was to move our downstairs guest room upstairs into what had been our library, and move our library downstairs into the empty space. We would then turn the library into a writing room for me ❤

Ruby has a studio right across the hall, one that had been our communal craft room when we moved in. But Ruby’s crafting is much more extensive than mine—she knits, spins, sews, quilts, beads, and about a zillion other amazing things (she’s so creative and skilled!). Her materials are naturally bulkier, since they include fabric, unspun wool, yarn, etc. My craft supplies end at drawing/painting materials and a little bit of embroidery stuff, along with my fold-up rigid heddle loom. (Although… Ruby just taught me how to spin wool with a drop spindle, and I ADORE IT. So I have a little stash of unspun wool all for myself now :3)

We decided that Ruby should have the studio all to herself for her crafts and spiritual practices (we’re pagan) and I should have the new library for my writing. Before this, I’d write all over the house—in the living room, in Ruby’s studio, upstairs on the bed or in the room where our finches live. It was never a space that was completely mine, or one that was free of distractions.

So the other weekend, we moved everything out of the room, primed the yellow walls, and repainted them a soft, misty blue-purple (the color is called Garden Fairy! So perfect for me!). We moved the bookcases downstairs and re-shelved all our books (we have a LOT of books), moved my desk from the dining room, and moved in the coffee table I’d been using to lay out my crystals and other important trinkets. We strung little garden lights—tiny lights surrounded by orbs of twigs—across the ceiling. My small supply of crafts fit in the bottom of one of the bookshelves. It’s such a calming, inspiring space.



The desk is one of my favorite parts—we picked it up for free on the side of the road in the university town where Ruby works, cleaned it up, and rubbed walnuts into the scratches and cracks to make them practically disappear. It has so many drawers!

Right now I’m sitting at that desk, getting ready to dive back into my draft. Wish me luck!