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It’s been a long couple of weeks at my day job, but I’ve grabbed a few minutes here and there to work on SHARDS OF THE SEA. I love these characters so much that I sketched them a few weeks ago. Then I remembered that my scanner doesn’t work anymore e_e I had to take pictures of them with my phone, so please forgive the low quality.

Clara is the short-haired redhead (not that you can tell what color her hair is here! XD). She’s a loner who just moved to Wavestead after her life fell apart when she broke up with her first serious girlfriend. She finds something washed up on the beach, a broken, sea-tossed antique urn, that sets off an adventure she never could have predicted. Clara’s kind of awkward and uncertain, but something drew her to Wavestead that will help her find her place.

Ginny, the one with the wavy brown hair, is the newly appointed chair of the Wavestead Historical Society. Clara goes to her for help in unraveling the mystery of the urn and is immediately smitten. Ginny is everything Clara needs: she’s smart, warm, and enthusiastic, not to mention beautiful. But Ginny has some history of her own that could threaten their burgeoning relationship.

I hope you like my drawings!

Clara sketchGinny sketch