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Well, I may be slow as all get-out, but I’m almost a third of the way through my draft of next novel, tentatively titled SHARDS OF THE SEA. It’s the one I mentioned in my other posts, and I’ve been working on it for a while now. I recently introduced the third player in my soon-to-be love triangle and writing her is so, SO much fun. Clara, my main character, has just come from what she felt was sort of like a first date but she’s not sure the other woman feels the same way. Now, she’s approached by the town’s society columnist, who is quite alluring in her own right. Here’s a little snippet:

Clara toyed with the lid of her latte cup. She wasn’t used to attention, but right now, the thought was appealing. “I’m not very exciting.”

“Don’t sell yourself short. Everyone has something exciting about them.” Autumn’s voice had a unique cadence that Clara thought was somehow familiar. Then she realized it — the woman sounded like a person in a movie, or like someone who lives in a comic book and every other word they speak is in bold italics. It didn’t come off as affected or posting, just as supremely confident. Clara found it intriguing.

“Well, okay… what do you want to know?”

It’s snowing here today and my lovely wife, Ruby Grandin, is out at a sewing get-together with some of our friends. I’m at home working on my draft and loving every minute of it ❤ Now, if my cat would just stop trying to steal my lunch… (I swear you don’t want my ramen noodles, kitty!)