I’m incredibly happy to announce that Eiderdown, my first novella through Rose and Star Press, was released today!

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Sometimes love can find you in the most unexpected places…

Alexandria Dunn lives a very quiet, boring life as an IT customer service rep, until she’s startled by a flash of color at her window one day.  Almost overnight, she becomes obsessed with birds and bird watching, and when she learns that a foremost avian expert will be leading a bird watching tour at a local wildlife sanctuary, she signs up immediately. 

But when Alexandria shows up in the parking lot, the rain is pouring on her and a very colorful companion.  Nell Ortiz shows up in a bright yellow rain slicker, and an even brighter smile, and Alexandria is almost immediately smitten.

The avian expert is a no-show, and due to bad weather, everyone else who had signed up for the tour wants a refund.  Except Alexandria.  And Nell takes her on a tour of the wildlife sanctuary that changes both of their lives…forever.

“Eiderdown” is a sweet, romantic stand-alone novella about the adventures two women experience as they fall in love one fateful afternoon.  It is approximately 18,000 words long (several hours of enjoyable reading or so).

I put a lot of love and enthusiasm into writing this story, and the characters and setting hold a special place in my heart. My wife, author Ruby Grandin, was instrumental in encouraging me as I spent hours under trees and in meadows (and, lately, by the window with a cup of tea) gathering research and inspiration for Eiderdown. I hope you enjoy it! Please let me know what you think by sending me a note at mariansnowe@gmail.com.